Oklahoma State Department of Education

Worked on remote team that established the internal site for the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Education (DOE) on their “school letter grade”/Accountability program. Letter grades are determined by 6 different metrics—both internal & external to the DOE—that allow macro and micro visibility into the status of each school and student for teachers as well as school administrators at the Local, District and State level. This is a complex site, that allows School Administrators to do Data Verification Request (DVR), via data selection menu and document upload to show proof and provides electronic notice to the requestor if changes are made.

Technology used: C#, SQL Server, Bootstrap, Vue.js framework, .NET Core


Melton Machine & Control Company

Created Job Tracker Project Application for a leading automotive automated/robotic welding equipment manufacturer for departmental projects that automatically notify's key players if projects are behind target dates and provides easy access for part order fulfillment with electronic tracking. This application contains a dynamic questionnaire that is easily changeable and allows updates as necessary by the user.

Built PLC & HMI code generator program that eliminates mistakes & increases engineer efficiency by allowing engineers to select set machine options from a drop down list.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Bootstrap, MVC Forms


EPIC Systems

As a full time employee I worked as an Electrical Process Automation Engineer. Later I came back in as an independent contractor to work with engineers and develop the software side of their projects. Projects included a machine vision project that used a high speed camera that came with an SDK so that I was able to create an application to display data analysis results and inspection photos. (This project ended up being a standard product offering by Epic Systems)

In conjunction with Administration, developed internal software solutions to assist with project workflow and sales automation. Solutions included: 5 major web based applications that broke down independent data silos, cross-referenced data from individual silos--all were hosted under a main web portal. Supervised multiple IT professionals on various project for EPIC including: other Software Developers, Networking Specialists, and assisted EPIC IT personnel with further development.

  • CRM – EPIC found their previous CRM (Microsoft Dynamics™) too cumbersome and staff were not willing to use it. Worked closely with Marketing and Sales personnel to develop a program to meet their needs. This custom CRM has a minimal number of mouse clicks, "quick hit" data entry, was successfully implemented, and used by all users—providing EPIC much needed marketing data.
  • Sales Lead Tracker (SLT) – With company growth, the need for custom software arose to replace a shared Excel spreadsheet that kept track of sales leads. Initially, this application started out quite simple--keeping track of basic data (contact names, phone numbers, notes and potential dollar amounts). With team work and continued design enhancements, EPIC’s Sales Lead Tracker has grown and now incorporates the CRM as well as provides standardized sales workflow, extensive data mining tools for management and a historical archive of past sales efforts. Since the SLT is tied to the CRM, users can search on contacts or companies and review past sales leads.
  • Project Forecasting Tool (PFT) – Developed in conjunction with EPIC's CFO to track progress on multiple fixed bid projects that are managed by Project Engineers (up to 200 projects at one time). The PFT allows project engineers to enter hours billed, forecast planned or unforeseen expenses for every billing period. This allows EPIC to know if they are on financially on target, under budget or over budget on the fixed bid. The PFT interfaces with EPIC’s accounting system and the financial expertise designed into the system creates warnings when a project goes off track. It also includes the ability to:
    • Filter financial reports on each project.
    • Project to date invoice notifications when project on target.
    • Project to date invoice notifications daily when project within 15% of budget cap.
    • Integration with Sales Lead Tracker (information on new business auto-fills into PFT).
    • Create a company wide cash flow analysis based on projected costs, receivables and possible sales from the Sales Lead Tracker data.
    • In PFT's first year, owner reported they saved $500,000 in overruns & expenses.
    • Increased in revenues of $8.3M 2013 to $25.5M 2014 (238%).
    • CFO named "St. Louis Business Journal's" Small Business CFO of the Year based on results using this PFT program.
  • General Ticketing – As a small company with a one person on-site IT Department, there was a need for custom software to create a queue to organize and track internal IT issues. With the success of this program for IT, EPIC expanded and modified the program to be used for other ticketing types including: Building Maintenance, Office Supplies, Kitchen Supplies as well NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and Contracts.
    • Contract Ticketing: Allowed Project Engineers to have contracts reviewed by a legal expert and returned marked up with notes. The contracts were saved as part of the ticket and could be tied to a sales lead or a current project so that these contracts could be accessed from either the Sales Lead Tracker or Project Forecasting applications and vice versa.
  • Ownership Registry – Allows assignment of specific company tasks to specific employees. The ease of use internally allows for easy changes of task assignments when personnel changes. Templates were developed to automate large tasks such as onboarding new employees or arranging client visits.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, jQuery UI, AngularJS, EEPlus Excel server side library, iText PDF server side library, Bootstrap

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Alaris Litigation

Worked against a deadline of Dec 31 to analyze database schema and allow users to search it via web portal and Crystal Reports. Midwest Litigation had used a web based service to schedule their court stenographers, media services and other services they offered. This system had invoice, customer and vendor data between 2005 and 2016. They were given a SQL Server database containing all of the data but little else when they ended their contract with the scheduling company. Our task was to analyze the schema to build queries so we could match the data sets of system they were unsubscribing from. We were able to provide the most pertinent data sets as a searchable web page. Also revivied existing Crystal Reports to generate past invoices as pdfs.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, EEPlus Excel server side library, Bootstrap, Crystal Reports



Managed all custom software development for AgraForm since the company started their business in 2009. Hired and managed a college intern for almost a year to handle most of simpler day to day tasks like virus infections, printer jams, etc. I brought in an IT contractor to help AgraForm secure their data, perform network risk assesments, domain management. I have helped them with some PLC programming and HMI screen designs using Allen-Bradley products. Developed several custom software applications for AgraForm.

  • Shipping - A major client of AgraForm required that 2D matrix barcode labels needed to be added to their shipments for tracking purposes. I created an application to run on a Motorola barcode scanner in Windows CE to scan in the barcode, take photos of the package and require the user to answer a custom set of inspection questions for each shipping package. Created a desktop application where the scanner could sync up and download its data to the computer and file server. The data was locally checked against an SAP file for correct shipments. Provided a way for them to enter data to print out the 2D matrix barcodes. The application also allowed them to enter custom questions and upload it to the barcode scanner. Several times the photos were used as evidence that the packages left the plant undamaged. The client was so impressed with the system we created that they asked that the software be used for an internal vendor, which we provided for them along with an operating manual and startup guide.
  • Inventory - Since AgraForm is a contact manufacturer of pesticide compounds to be used by major agriculture companies, they inventory the raw materials on site for each client. Developed an inventory system as a way to not only allow AgraForm to know what they have in stock but also to let their clients know how much material they have in stock in case they want to order an additional run of product and can review if enough is there. Customers can view their inventory amounts over a secured web site.
  • Mobile Inspections - AgraForm had a need to get away from paper based inspection reports. The inspections consisted of forklift operations, plant and grounds safety inspections and finally storage drums that contain hazardous materials resulting from their processes. Paper based inspections tended to get lost which could risk a possible plant shutdown and there wasn’t enough accountability. Developed an internal web site to run on iPod and Android devices. If any of the inspections failed or were not performed, management is notified by email.
  • I presented AgraForm with the idea of creating an internal web portal which they agreed to. Several web applications reside here.
    • Inspections - This is where management and any safety agency can go to retrieve past inspections mentioned earlier.
    • Purchase Orders – Employees can create a purchase order here to recieve PO numbers. I added a search page to allow management to sort or filter on any number of fields used in purchase orders to monitor expenses.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, EEPlus Excel server side library, iText PDF server side library, Bootstrap

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Frontenac Engineering

Leverage some of the development efforts with EPIC Systems to create the Ownership Registry to provide similar features for Frontenac Engineering. Frontenac Engineering is a civil engineering/architecture services company that requirement reoccuring appointments that involved several groups within the company. The Ownership Registry allowed them to assign tasks to individuals and groups. The ease of use internally allows for easy changes of task assignments when personnel changes. Templates were developed to automate large tasks such as long term meetings.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, EEPlus Excel server side library, Bootstrap


Missouri Botanical Garden

As a team member provided application and database design for a massive taxonomic collection of plant specimens. Multi year effort to upgrade existing PIC database to SQL Server. Created the Tropicos application as a desktop and web application to allow botanical staff to enter and research the data. Much of the research needs required us to provide tools for data shaping, cross referencing and highly indexed hierarchical aggregation. Incorporated Google Maps API and ESRI mapping technology to provide geolocation analysis. Provided web services for researchers to build their own front ends to our database.

Worked with the Botanicus web site and back end services. One involved an automated process to copy newly acquired scanned images to the Internet Archive.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, Google map api, ESRI map api, Silverlight, MVC for ASP


Software Design Partners

Worked with a team to developed a reporting web site for Anheuser-Busch (InBev) marketing department. Using SQL Server and Excel with .NET framework, canned and customizable reports were generated for the main distributors in the US. Developed customizable questionaires for distibutors to build marketing data of their sellers and vendors.

Technology used: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, jQuery framework, EEPlus Excel server side library